How to Drive Traffic Through Marketing Articles

Driving traffic to your homepage is a time-consuming and often thankless task. One of the best ways of achieving increased traffic is to write articles related to your specific area of interest and then offer them to other website owners in similar niches to yours. This is called marketing articles.

As the articles are free, they will more than likely be used and read by people interested in what your website is about. Through your by-line, people can link back to your domain.

Article marketing is a time efficient way to fly your flag in many places at the same time. Your work gets exposure and your website will get traffic because the link to your site will be on all the sites that publish your articles.

There are definite benefits to be gained from marketing article, but there must be more than one article sent out. This is not as difficult as it seems. Articles you send out don’t have to be written especially for the purpose. You can use articles that you have previously published on your site. You may have to tweak them to suit the target website you are sending them to, but they will work as well as articles written especially for the site. Make sure you follow their submission guide lines.

This is a time effective way of advertising yourself. It will take a relatively short time to prepare a few articles. Once you have sent out ten or more, the visitors will start appearing on your site.

Tips for Marketing Articles

Getting the most out of article marketing just requires following these tips:

Shorter articles (400-600 words) attract more visitors. Writing concise articles is better. People are more likely to read them and come to your site for more. Longer and more in-depth articles are great, but rather keep them for your site where the visitors can find them.
Interesting titles attract links. Take care when writing titles for your work. They should be interesting and contain keywords. Time spent here is well worth while. Potential publishers may be drawn to your writing and good titles help your writing stand out in a crowded market place.
Use affiliate links. This is not cheating. You are giving out useful information that will be used without payment to you. Affiliate links help increase the benefits of this type of marketing.
Self-promote. This is an essential part of the exercise. Link back to your website as often as you can. You may be limited in the number of times you can do this and you may have to place the links in defined places, but do it as often as you can. It will help the volume of traffic to your site.
It’s mostly about luck. Persistence and consistency are the keys to marketing articles. Get as many out there as you can, because some will draw traffic and some won’t. The more you have out there and the longer you do it for, the more likely it will be that you will get results.
Directories to Submit Your Articles

Searching the internet is the only way to find sites to market your articles. Here are some to start with:

Although sites that specialise in publishing articles written on spec are an obvious place to start getting your work out there, they are not the only places to try.

As you can imagine, well written, well researched and informative articles can be highly successful in driving visitors to your site. If they find the first thing they read by you to be useful, of course they will be looking for more.

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